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Representation Matters

As our agency strives to have the most diverse talent in Aotearoa; we also provide a range of services.

NOIR The Agency successfully meets the growing expectation and demand for diversity that is here in Aotearoa, New Zealand.


Our Talent here at NOIR The Agency come from all backgrounds, countries and experience levels. Our range of talent includes actors, extras, fashion models, voice actors, dancers and musicians. Our dedication is to connect our wonderful talent with directors, brands and productions within the Fashion, Music and Film and TV Industry in Aotearoa and beyond. Since the establishment of our agency, our talent have featured in fashion brand campaigns and featured in local and international TV programs and films as actors and background talent.

check out our extras services here



We have expert in-house photographers and videographers available to conduct photoshoots for our growing clientele. They have experience in shooting various photography styles and they also offer skilled photo editing. Please get in touch if you would like more information regarding our photography packages and services.  



Our agency offers creative direction and brand campaign development; allowing us to provide creative ideas and solutions to fashion labels and more. With our selection of diverse models, talent, stylists, hair and makeup artists, skilled photographers and in-house creative direction; we design campaigns that impact audiences and meet the requirements of our clients.

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