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The Creative Team

Chichi Nyangoni - NOIR The Agency_edited

Chichi Nyangoni

Founder & Director

A lover of all things creative and design; Chichi founded the agency to help promote the inclusion of people of diverse ethnicities in New Zealand's art, film, music and fashion industries.

Balancing motherhood with running NOIR The Agency & 
MODE Magazine are all part of Chichi's daily routine and she wouldn't have it any other way. In her very little free time, Chichi enjoys painting and her artwork can be found on SPIRITCHI.COM 


Karol Ruszkiewicz

In-house Photographer

Another multifaceted creative in our team is Karol. With his body of work including painting, video editing and game development - photography is just one of his many skills.

Sanele image_edited.jpg

Sanele Ngubane

In-house Copywriter

A young writer with a passion to be able to articulate what many can’t or won’t. Sanele has a background in corporate copywriting for businesses and business owners, creative copywriting, and journalistic work. Sanele is never afraid to tackle any subject and shed a fresh perspective on life as a POC. Sanele loves keeping up with the latest in pop culture, fashion and music, so if there is ever an opportunity for her to lend her hand in writing about any of those topics, she leaps at it.


Ru Nyangoni

Talent Scout + Human Resources

With her taste in the latest style, trends and experience in HR, Ru assists the agency with scouting for unique talent throughout Auckland and beyond. When she is not working, Ru loves to travel and enjoy the finer tings in new places and experiences.


Afi Badouin

In-house Stylist

Our in-house Stylist Afi is known for her incredible taste in fashion and she provides us with her epic assistance for our in-house brand campaigns and photoshoots. With her experience working in Women’s fashion and her keen eye for details with clothing, accessories and jewellery; Afi knows how to make an outfit shine in the best light!


Kara Harrop

In-house Makeup Artist

Kara is our in-house Make-up Artist and she completed her qualification at Samala Robinson Academy (SRA) in 2020. She is a freelance MUA and has a creative, colourful and playful style. Kara enjoys creating editorial and glamour make-up looks. 


Chhaly Hun

Having conducted work in New Zealand, Japan, London and Cambodia (as the lead hair stylist for Cambodia's Next Top Model) and with over 8 years experience as a colourist for Toni and Guy; our in-house hairstylist Chhaly is one of the best. He has also worked in various fashion weeks, internationally and here in New Zealand. Chhaly helps us to ensure that our models look their best during in-house brand campaign photo & video shoots. More of his work can be found here.

In-house Hair Stylist


Alex De Vries

In-house Videographer

Alex is a man of many talents which include photography, creating and directing films, writing and singing. More of his work can be found here


Adam Ruszkiewicz

In-house Photographer

Creativity runs in the Ruszkiewicz family and photography has always come naturally to Adam. He is also a painter with a successful art business. 

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